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Euro Belgian Airlines (EBA) - Belgium

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EBA was founded in 1991 and operated scheduled and charter flights. In 1996 the company was sold to the Virgin group and changed its name into Virgin Express.
This uniform was designed by Olivier Strelli. I have the pleasure to display here a complete set which includes the waistcoat, the cardigan and, not the least, the winter scarf.
For those of you who know the brand Olivier Strelli a little, this scarf is in line with all those he is making and is highly recognisable.

EBA fut fondée en 1991 and opéra des vols réguliers et charter. En 1996, la compagnie fut vendue au groupe Virgin et prit le nom de Virgin Express.
Cet uniforme fut créé par Olivier Strelli, et j'ai le plaisir d'en montrer ici 2 exemplaires. Tout comme les uniformes Sabena, il inclut une splendide écharpe d'hiver, typique des tissages Strelli.

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